Every client or group has different goals. So I customize my workshops for each client.
Based on how many participants and how deep a dive you wish to do, we can plan a workshop
anywhere from a 45 minute talk to a 6 hour session.
My typical workshop starts with a quick bit of lecture then we’re up on our feet, learning
viscerally through improvisational games and exercises. This idea is scary to many in
the sciences, which is one reason you should do it! But I am sensitive to people’s potential
anxiety and set the tone with low stakes so even the most hesitant usually engage.
The exercises vary and focus on several techniques to improve communications such as Active/
Opportunistic Listening, Establishing Connection with Partner and Audience, Using Emotion
to Convey Information, Use of Narrative and the basics of Body Language and Eye Contact.
The interactive aspect of the workshop is invaluable for synthesizing the takeaway skills.
And like all things; these skills must be practiced. So multi-day workshops are do-able also.
I’m always excited to formulate the workshops with clients. Contact me if interested to discuss options.